Told You So


You think the floss is effective? In most cases it is not.

I couldn’t hide my satisfaction when I read the news in the US about effectiveness of the floss. Finally something I have been preaching about is out and in the open for everyone to read.

You see I have met many dental professionals who have doubted my way of giving oral hygiene instructions especially regarding the floss. I have met so many of them that I have stopped explaining the reasons behind my recommendations.

My hope has been that some day they would get enough experience to notice that the floss isn’t doing a proper job. Or that they would start using the disclosing solution (I use Rondell Disclosing Pellets) which would definitely prove it.

We’ll see what happens. My fear is that many will stubbornly stick to their old ways. Change will always bring along resistance.

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And click this link if you haven’t read the news about the effectiveness of floss yet.

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