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Dental Professionals More at Risk, but Have They Contracted COVID-19? Answer a Poll!

Practice Closures, Redundancies, Layoffs, Threats, Bullying, Salary Cuts

Food for Thought in These Difficult Times

BDA Steps in, Finally

A Kid Can Do It, Can You? How to Wash Hands (video)

Dental Practices – Tell Everyone How Coronavirus Affects You

Slow Down the Spread of Coronavirus – Here’s How

You Can Slow Down the Spread of Coronavirus – Find out How

Dentists! It Is Time to Raise Stakes with Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Dentistry and How to Protect Yourself

Reasons for Bad Breath (Halitosis)

8 Reasons Why Your Mouth Is Dry

The Reason Dentist Tilts You Upside Down

The Best Electric Toothbrush

Climate Change and Dentistry

Elmex Sensitive Professional Toothpaste Review

Living With C-PTSD — The Good Karma Club

Dental Erosion Risk Factors in Bullet Points

Top Tips For Those Scared Of Visiting The Dentist

GUM ActiVital Toothpaste Review

GC Tooth Mousse Review and Advice for Use

Dental Erosion and Tea

3 Icky Things You Can Do at the Dentist

RDA Value in Toothpastes – Any Relevance?

Drowning at the Dentist – Is It Possible?

Drowning at the Dentist – Is It Possible?

Google for a Day – Comprehensive Answers about Cold Sore and Dentist

Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Original Toothpaste Review


How Diet Affects Your Teeth


Guest Bloggers Welcome

Vanity with Style? Should You Get Tooth Jewellery?

Vaping: An Attractive Option or a Destructive Alternative for Oral Health?

Is Xylitol Good for You?

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

Enter to Win Jordan Clean Fresh Electric Toothbrush 

Should I Work Tomorrow? Answer a Poll

Guest Bloggers Welcome

Years of Malpractice – How Is It Possible?

Shared from WordPress


Are Your Dentist’s Tools Clean?

Testing Oral-b Smart Phone Holder, Take 2

Testing Oral-b Smart Phone Holder, Take 1

Christmas Came Early

Still or Sparkling?

Happy Thanksgiving

The FSC Is Putting an End to the Nonsense

Welcome to My Surgery – Waterline Cleaning Video

Compensation Culture Sucks

Are You Telling the Truth about Your Health When You See Your Dentist?

Today I Saw My One in a Thousand Patient

Told You So, Part III

Told You So, Part II

Yet Another Anti-Patient

Repost with Forewords: Cold Sore Is Herpes – Cancel Your Dental Appointment Because Your Dentist Won’t!


Told You So

Not Truly Gone

Oh, by the Way

Repost with Forewords: Alcohol – The Feared Subject

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe – Which Type of Tooth Wear?

Ever Seen a Patient with an Implant? Read This!

Blast from the Past

Superiority of the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

New Natural Remedy (Fluoride-Free) for Decay

Part III: I’m Sorry but I Did Not Get Qualified So That I Can Make Coffee for You

Part II: Just Another Day at the Office

Part I: Is It a Skyskraper? No, It’s Your Ego

Waste Not Want Not

Hands up Who Knew That Zinc in Toothpaste Can Cause Dry Mouth?

Cold Sore Is Herpes – Cancel Your Dental Appointment Because Your Dentist Won’t!

Why People Hate Teeth Cleaning at the Dentist

About Prince by Tressiemc

Money-Saving Advice on Dental Visits

Do You Recommend Toothpick?

Have You Read a Poem About Dentistry?

Compilation of Excuses

Profit, Profit And More Profit

Don’t Let Just Anyone Touch Your Occlusion

How Clean Are Your Hands?

Wild West of the Home Whitening

Aggressive Patient

Should You Use a Mouthwash?

Morals in Dentistry

My take on the US elections 2016

Have you dropped your dentures in the toilet?

Do You Recognise the Gum Disease?


Where it all started

Alcohol – The Feared Subject

It’s ok to swallow, it’s only water… Or is it?

Can You Trust the Recommendations given to You by a Dental Professional?

Soap Opera of the Dental Practice

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