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Are your teeth in safe hands when visiting a dental practice?


This is a blog about the dental industry.

In my career I have seen brilliant, good, average, bad and nearly criminal dental professionals and almost the same range of patients. By dental professionals I mean the dentists (also the specialists), dental hygienists, dental nurses, receptionists and practice managers.

I will write about

  • things patients do not see when they visit a dental practice.
  • people, equipments, management and everything inside the dental practice
  • everything associated with dental practices e.g. oral hygiene product manufacturers

And to keep the balance, I will be writing about the patients as well (in non-identifiable manner of course).

Please note that the professionals I write about can be of either gender unless I have specifically mentioned otherwise.


I am a dental professional with 20+ years of experience and I have worked in private and public dental practices in two countries.

In these 20 years in dental profession I have learnt that too many of the representatives of our health industry are not practicing their profession as they are taught and as the patients expect them to.

To cut it short, we are taught to be empathic, ethical and honest. Sounds simple and easy but it is not.


I want the industry to change.

I want it to be transparent.

I want to tell what dental professionals deal with in daily basis.

I want patients to have a better understanding of dentistry so that they can choose the best dental professional to look after their teeth.

My ultimate hope is that this blog will reach as many people as possible – both common people and dental professionals. If it will, I believe it will start the snowball effect of changes in attitude, integrity and practice. Also my aim is to be a source for knowledge for dental professionals.

Nothing comes for free and I bet I will get hate mail… bring it on! The more we discuss, the more change will happen.

So keep an eye on this space as you will benefit of it and it will get interesting from the start.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have had a number of of not so great dental experiences. The latest was the re-doing of a filling on a back molar. The cavity and subsequent filling were more in depth than the dentist anticipated and I was left with a really bad bite. He adjusted the filling and took my tooth out of occlusion, the other teeth had to compensate for the redistribution of pressure. I am trying to figure out how to best fix it, so your article ’don’t just let anyone adjust the bite’ was both helpful, encouraging and humorous.

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  2. I am a regular patient who loves my dentist. I used to have GREAT fear but now it is almost pain free and the people are friendly. Oh, and thank you for following my blog.

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  3. I am a hygienist and I have worked mostly for good or great Dentists and undertaken Perio treatment for patients who have had lousy dentistry and lousy Hygiene treatment. It is not one sided but in a professional lifetime I believe you will get to work for the best if you strive to be the best. Dentistry is a small world, work for the reputation you deserve. Remember that someone will see that patient after you.

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