Have you dropped your dentures in the toilet?

Henna blog

You know the feeling when you have just finished writing an important project like a novel, report or a BLOG POST and the device throws in a blue screen of death. Well my equivalent to blue screen today was to drop my mobile phone into the toilet. In it went and so did my nearly ready next blog post stored in the phone’s memory.

At the moment – 3 hours from the moment of doom – the mobile phone is dead and I have arrived to a holiday in a remote area where the replacement is difficult to get (thank god for spouse’s pc that makes this post update possible). So I am sipping away well deserved wine despite the fact that the bacteria in my mouth will metabolise it to nasty carcinogen and cause me an early death.

Anyway about toilet seats. I live in a country where the toilet is flushed with a drinking water and if you have read my previous post you know that the quality of the water needs to be of certain level. So dropping your dentures or mobile phone into the toilet is not THAT disastrous thing really (if only the mobile phone would survive the wet conditions). Plus I have another memory of my teacher in dental school – the same scary periodontist as on one of my previous post. She was teaching us about different bacteria in mouth and said with great wonder that

“they have found even bacteria that is normally found from people’s rectum”

To us young students it was no reason for wonder (like it was to this near-retirement-age teacher) that bacteria from rectum was found from people’s mouth. People mingle with all sorts of things nowadays.

So there is more reason not to worry if you dentures accidentally fall into the toilet.

Now I must apologise my rampant writing, just poured down my third glass of wine. Also, I hope you understand that my blog post might be quiet for a week or so.





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