Vanity with Style? Should You Get Tooth Jewellery?

Human beings have been interested in their appearance for thousands of years. Decorating their bodies with tattoos, piercing ears and other parts of body but also decorating their teeth. Already 2500 years ago were the Native Americans making their teeth stand out with gems. This is a phenomenon that has lasted ever since. Tooth Jewels – […]

Vaping: An Attractive Option or a Destructive Alternative for Oral Health?

Guest post by Jack Simon Here it is my dear readers – the very first guest post on Dental Revelations Blog. Jack Simon is a skilled writer and I am happy that he has offered to write on my blog. Today’s subject is an important one. Many people are turning to e-cigarettes as the conventional cigarettes […]

Told You So

  I couldn’t hide my satisfaction when I read the news in the US about effectiveness of the floss. Finally something I have been preaching about is out and in the open for everyone to read. You see I have met many dental professionals who have doubted my way of giving oral hygiene instructions especially […]

Cold Sore Is Herpes – Cancel Your Dental Appointment Because Your Dentist Won’t!

A patient came in for a long appointment to have a bridge done. This appointment was to include filing down the teeth to abutments which meant that the high speed drill was to be used. A lot. High speed drills have water cooling system and this means there are aerosols in the air when the drill […]