Are you ready for my next post after my sabbatical? If you are still there waiting for me to write again, I thank you for being patient. To be honest, I do not have more time in my hands than before but I have decided to make an effort to write every once in a while.

A revelation to reward you for your loyalty. I am still in the dental business even though I would love to spend my time solely on writing. It is my passion. I must say that I have had a difficult year of ups and downs. Highs and lows. Times when I believe in myself and times when I have lost all the self-confidence. I have realised that I have an impostor syndrome which tries to demolish all my achievements by persistently telling me

Who are you kidding? You’ve achieved nothing! Shame you if you even think so!

This syndrome keeps on reminding me that I did not get feedback on my novel from THAT person I so much admire, and making me forget I got feedback from ten other people who are as important as that one person.

But I’m working on it. I am trying to remind myself that in this world of haste and demands, I am good enough. As mother, as wife, as dental professional, as writer and most importantly as myself. Being merciful to yourself is a difficult skill to master. But I am learning.

So, watch this space. There might be something coming up soon!



Guest Bloggers Welcome

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Guest bloggers warmly welcomed

While I am still not active with blogging (but hopefully will be soon), Dental Revelations Blog is open for guest bloggers. Mind you, I am quite picky and have allowed only one guest post so far. Will you be the next one?

Disclaimer – Dental Revelations Guest Post Standards

Dental Revelations aims to maintain certain standard for the content posted on our blog – it is of benefit to everyone. Therefore Dental Revelations:

1. Will proofread posts and amend them if needed.

2. Will not accept posts of low quality in content or grammar (certain errors will be corrected).

3. Will evaluate the content and writing style which should have the similar approach to dentistry as Dental Revelations Blog has.

4. Will not accept posts with links to spammy websites.

5. Will not accept posts with links to irrelevant sites (e.g. site selling car parts). The links need to provide additional value to the reader.

6. Will check the originality of the post (Copyscape) to avoid overload of the same approach to the same topic in the blogging world (e.g. one can write about implant surgery with unexpected, humorous way instead of just plain old why patient benefits of having an implant).

7. Will own the rights to the content on the moment the post is sent to us providing it is published. If not published, the rights to the content are with the author.

8. Will expect the posts to have at least 1000 words.

Further requirements:

1. The guest post should include an author bio. Author bio can have maximum of 2 links to the following sites: to the author’s blog/website/Twitter handle.

2. Guest author should reply to any comments made in their post as soon as possible.

3. Any image attached to the article needs to be royalty-free image.

3. Be creative. Write about dentistry in a way no-one has written before. Forget being polite and politically correct if something is bugging you. Pour your heart out and type away. People will love the genuineness and honesty.

 So if you feel you are up for the task, you will find my contact details here.

More about Me – A Revelation


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It’s been a while since I wrote about me so it is time to get back on the subject. I was busy last time I wrote about myself as I was going back to work life after being a home mum for two years.

Guess what, I am even busier than before for many reasons. Both of my kids have been ill with all sorts of colds and other viruses the whole autumn (it’s that time of the year, yippee!). So we’ve been criss-crossing between work, home, daycare, doctor’s and the chemist.

In my country it gets pretty dark this time of the year and the lack of day light is affecting me more and more as the years go by. So I am tired. And when I am tired, I am not very creative or productive. As a result my blogging has suffered. Sorry about that.

My home has suffered as well. I am normally pretty organised and tidy person but in the past two months I have had to ignore most of the housework to be able to spare my energy to more important tasks like cooking a dinner to the family. Also laying  on the sofa next to my two-year-old after a hectic day at work is far more important to me than hoovering. Nothing beats those little arms that are squeezing me in an embrace.

As if it wasn’t busy enough, it will probably get even busier in near future as there will be changes in the horizon. What changes those will be, it remains to be seen. So keep an eye on this space.

I actually had something I wanted to tell you about me and it wasn’t nothing above. I just couldn’t help myself babbling. My revelation for you is that I am a bug phobic. Not pathological but to a certain extent. This profession of ours has made me like this I believe. And if there are fellow bug phobics out there in our profession please shout out (comment box) so I know I’m not alone!

You see, I see bugs everywhere like

  • in birthday cakes after the candles have been blown – the more candles or on the contrary the younger the kid is (how many times does he need to blow those two candles, can’t anyone help?) the more bug layered cake it is
  • in door handles – naturally
  • in the vinyl gloves of the Subway sandwich makers when they handle the money, touch the oven handles with the same gloves as they make the sandwiches
  • in the spoon a friendly coffee shop keeper gives you the handle first (the scissors you give handle first not the cutlery)
  • in the bowl of unwrapped sweets somebody put on a coffee table at work – the longer they stay there the more bugs
  • in the fruits and vegetables people have picked in their hands but put them back
  • in food buffet (this is the ickiest place for me, unless I am the first person to use the buffet) where the spoons have been touched by tens or hundreds of people and they are soaking inside the food container. Plus people are coughing/talking while reaching the salad/potatoes/sauce/whatever.
  • in a commuter train when someone sneezes – I try not to panic and hold my breath as long as possible and try to lift my scarf in front of my nose without anyone noticing before I breathe again – did you know that bugs can travel the length of a bus from one sneeze?
  • in the lift’s control panel buttons – I never use fingertips to press the buttons
  • in the air around a pigeon that just took off in front of me – my nightmare is a flock of pigeons on the square and a kid running towards them in an intention to scare them off… even a photographer side of me doesn’t see the beauty of it

But when my two-year-old wants to share his half eaten carrot that he has dropped couple of times on the floor, I do not hesitate to go for it. After all it is our duty as parents to show an example of healthy eating, isn’t it?