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Fancy writing as a guest author? Fire away!

Dental Revelations is looking for authors with a twisted sense of (dental) humour. You could be professional or a patient as long as you rock. There are no limits on the subject as long as the script has something to do with oral health or dentistry.

Send scripts with author bio via email or the contact form below. Dental Revelations reserves a right to amend the scripts (grammar, spelling etc).

Happy writing!



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I just went through ten minutes of blogging nightmare. I use both WordPress mobile application and desktop browser to write and edit my posts. Last night I noticed that for some reason the mobile app stopped updating the draft posts written on PC. I used the force stop for the WordPress app but it made no difference whatsoever.

Today I finished my newest post Are Your Tools Clean? on my PC. It went live somewhat six hours ago, but I have a habit of reading my posts on a browser after I have posted them and test the links once more. I did this just half an hour ago with my smart phone’s browser. I noticed that one of the links didn’t work so I changed it in the WordPress app and pressed update. A big mistake!

I didn’t read the post through – I just quickly went for the malfunctioning link and repaired it. When I returned to the browser to see the post again, it was gone! I got this horrible sinking feeling that I had done something really stupid. You see, I didn’t remember the mobile app got stuck last night. It was still stuck. And the mobile app had a very unfinished version of the new post so when I pressed update, it updated to this version of the post which was still under a draft status.

So whilst balancing between rewriting the post and jumping off the cliff I remembered seeing a word revision over the preview/publish buttons. And voilà! I found my precious post and returned it back to it’s place! Phew! I’m way too old for this kind of excitement.

About Me, Myself and I

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Before I will release the Part III of the series of posts I will tell you something about myself.

I have not written a lot about myself in this blog but this post will be an exception. And the reason for doing this is that you – my dear reader – would understand why I haven’t been and won’t be writing new posts as often as before.

Let me first tell you about the time when I decided to start writing this blog. This was in March this year. I had finished writing a novel in December last year which left a void in my life. More time in my hands. Thoughts that I wanted to put on paper (so to speak). Endless ideas for books.


I have a family. Small children who need my time. I have a spouse who needs my time. I couldn’t begin another massive project of writing a novel. So I decided to put all my creative energy on this blog. But little did I know how time-consuming it would be. All the researching, writing, editing and advertising. It consumes as much time as writing a novel.

But I am not a person who gives up something that I have started. I will see things through until the (bitter?) end. So I made time for blogging and it went well up until now. You see my littlest one is about to begin nursery and I am about to return to practice my dental profession. And to be honest I am not looking forward to it. If you have read my posts you might have a pretty good idea why I feel this way.

As if all those things I have written about in my blog weren’t enough to make me wish I didn’t have to go back to my profession. On top of all those things I also work in a dental practice that have been dysfunctional for decades and even though people have come (including me) and gone it has made a very little difference to the atmosphere. But as a thoughtful and problem solving person that I am I have started to see this fast approaching and unwelcome life change as an opportunity. You see I won’t be out of post topics whilst working in there. Nope, it will be a horn of plenty!

So bear with me whilst I go through this hectic time in my life. Keep reading, sharing and commenting my posts. I have reached readers in every continent which I believe proves that people in dentistry go through the same problems all over the world. Let’s keep on changing the problems by discussing about them.