Trust me, I am a dental professional


The Dental Visit

So you visited your dentist for a check-up and got new recommendations for your oral health care?

Did you go directly to the chemist and bought the whole load of what was recommended? I bet you did. Out with the old, in with the new.

I don’t blame you as it is easier when somebody trustworthy has told you what your delicate mouth and teeth need and that the ones you have been using are actually bad for you (they were recommended last time but you didn’t question it, did you?).

Rather than to go through hundreds of different products that promise the moon from the sky, you trust the professional. You carefully pick the products your dentist recommended and you think you now have the best equipment to start new oral hygiene routine.

Well think again.

The Roots of the Dental Phobia

When you go to the dental practice, you do it out of trust. You might be doubtful but you still enter the practice.

If you suffer from a dental phobia it may stop you from seeing a dentist. Dental phobia is largely about lack of trust and very often I hear that the lack of trust has began from a bad experience at the dentist.

Are We, the Dental Professionals Trustworthy?

Too often we are not. Of course you come out alive after seeing a dentist so you can trust us in that sense (gee, thanks!). But there are other aspects in your visit that many of the professionals in dental industry do not qualify for the word trustworthy.

  • do we offer only necessary treatment?
  • do we charge reasonably?
  • do we refer patient when we do not have the best skills for the treatment?
  • are we honest?
  • do we listen? I mean really listen to the patient?

No, no, no, no and no. Too often not.

The Change

If you have read my About-page you know why I am asking these questions. What I am asking you to do now is

  • to spread the word about this blog. The more people read this blog the more change will happen in dental industry. Plus there will be interesting topics and useful information for consumers.
  • to write a comment. Any feedback and request for topics for me to write are welcome.
  • to be patient with my writing and posting. I am a first time blogger and it is all new (read slow) to me! Feel free to advise!

The next post will be about the oral hygiene recommendations given at the dental practice. What are the recommendations based on and can you trust them? Stay tuned to find out.


3 thoughts on “Trust me, I am a dental professional”

  1. It’s fine about accidentally marking my comment haha I just commented that it would be pretty sweet to hear about some cool or diacgusting experiences you’ve had being a dentist

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    1. Thanks for commenting! Much appreciated! Found the original comment from my email inbox and was able to unmark it as spam… oh dear. Lots to learn 🙂 Happy blogging. Hope you read my latest… it’s close to the “disgusting experience” you were hoping to see 🙂


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