Hands up Who Knew That Zinc in Toothpaste Can Cause Dry Mouth?

I have noticed it is very easy for a health care professional to get annoyed about different things by just browsing through dental forums and discussion sections of dental news. This time it was the toothpaste. Especially the toothpastes of certain big brand that promise all sorts of things but have side effects the representatives […]

Can You Trust the Recommendations given to You by a Dental Professional?

Too Many Options Floss, tape or ribbon? Soft, medium or hard brush? Manual or electric? Fluoride or herbal toothpaste? Whitening, double-action, triple-action or all-in-one? Mouthwash or not? These questions are endless in the mind of a common consumer. So no wonder they rely on the advice of a dental professional. Why wouldn’t they? Us professionals have […]