Slow Down the Spread of Coronavirus – Here’s How

This is an update for my previous post about things you can do to prevent the coronavirus (or any virus) from spreading too quickly.

  • Stay home!
  • If you have flu-like symptoms (even the slightest), do not go out. If you need to go to buy food or medicine, ask your friend or family to do it for you and leave the shopping outside your door.
  • Work remotely if possible.
  • If you are healthy (no flu-like symptoms), you may go out but keep distance to other people and avoid public places.
  • Do not visit friends and family – especially the elderly or who’s immune system is impaired (like cancer sufferers). Instead call them.
  • Wash hands every time you come in, after using toilet and before you eat – use proper technique when washing the hands, drying them and closing the tap. Use hand sanitiser if washing hands is not optional.
  • If you are healthy and not in a risk group, go food shopping during the day. Leave the early morning hours to the risk-groups when it is the most quiet.
  • Gough and sneeze to your sleeve. This is important especially in public places. And very important it the food stores where all of us need to go. Remeber that there is not such thing as innocent or unharmful uncovered cough!
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables with soap (remember to rinse thoroughly).
  • If you get flu like symptoms DO NOT phone the health officials. DO NOT go to the health centre. Treat yourself at home like with any cold. DO NOT go out. Instead ask a friend or family to bring you the stuff you need and ask them to leave them behind your door. But if you develop more severe symptoms like breathing difficulties, that is the time to call your health care officials. Why this is important? Because the health care system is now under huge pressure and all of us need to understand that even if you are worried that you have contracted coronavirus, you do not need to see/call a doctor. If you do not have breathing difficulties, there is no need to call or see a doctor. In the worst case scenario, you might take common cold to the health centre and the staff will get sick during the time when they are needed the most.
  • Cancel you hobbies and holidays (in the next coming months). Cancel everything where several people would gather.
  • Cancel you non-urgent dental and doctor’s appointments.

Remember that we will get thorough this. It is only temporary and life will go on after the epidemic passes. It will be difficult to distance yourself from people (unless you are an introvert). Use internet to connect to people. Chat with people you don’t know. They are as desperate to connect as you are. Sing from the window if you like and if it lifts your mood or the neighbour’s.

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