A Kid Can Do It, Can You? How to Wash Hands (video)

USA Today published an article today that tells a gruesome story. Most of us are washing our hands wrong. An internet is full of videos about proper hand washing techinque. So why are we still doing it wrong?

I filmed my 5-year-old daughter washing her hands and she does it pretty well for her age. Better than many adults. Take a look.

Hand washing in bullet points:

  • Wet your hands, close the tap
  • Apply enough soap
  • Rub your palms together to form foam
  • Spread the foam all over the hands and wrists – don’t forget the back of your hands, fingertips and thumbs
  • Keep rubbing for at least 20 seconds
  • Open the tap with your wrist or elbow (not your fingertips)
  • Rinse well with running water
  • Close the tap with your wrist, elbow or back of your hand. Or disposable towel if you are using them to dry your hands.

And remember, if you are in a public toilet, the door handle is the most contaminated surface there so try to open the door with something else than with your clean hands.