Living With C-PTSD — The Good Karma Club

I rarely share any other blog’s posts on my site, but I came across a post that I think is worth reading. I must quote the author’s very last paragraph. It contains words we all should really think about.

We all have darkness. Light cannot exist without it. But we do not have to choose to inflict our darkness either on ourselves, or on other people. We have free will. We have total responsibility for our own thoughts and our own actions. Nothing is ever someone else’s fault. And we are all equal.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In March 2017 I started having anxiety attacks and suicidal thoughts, I was inflicting pain on myself by punching myself in the head and hitting my head on walls, and in my mind I was often thinking, especially at night, that people were coming to kill me. This wasn’t a […]

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