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I Will Take a Break from Blogging


With great sadness I am announcing that I will take a break from blogging for unforeseeable time.

I have told you that I was about to publish a book. Well I have now. It’s a novel and I never thought it would take so much time to publish it. It is a self-published novel and it seems like it is becoming relatively popular (well more popular that I could ever have dreamed of). This means that on top of all the marketing I will be doing packing, posting, accounting and writing all the correspondence by myself. Huge job! Especially when I have my day job as well. And small kids.

But it is a rewarding job to do. To share something you have put your heart and soul into.

Once all this book business has settled, I will return. I promise.

Meanwhile, anyone who wants to write as guest author on my blog (patient or dental professional) please send articles to me. Please read through the guest post disclaimer before sending:

Disclaimer – Dental Revelations Guest Post Standards

Dental Revelations aims to maintain certain standard for the content posted on our blog – it is of benefit to everyone. Therefore Dental Revelations:

1. Will proofread posts and amend them if needed.

2. Will not accept posts of low quality in content or grammar (certain errors will be corrected).

3. Will evaluate the content and writing style which should have the similar approach to dentistry as Dental Revelations Blog has.

4. Will not accept posts with links to spammy websites.

5. Will not accept posts with links to irrelevant sites (e.g. site selling car parts). The links need to provide additional value to the reader.

6. Will check the originality of the post (Copyscape) to avoid overload of the same approach to the same topic in the blogging world (e.g. one can write about implant surgery with unexpected, humorous way instead of just plain old why patient benefits of having an implant).

7. Will own the rights to the content on the moment the post is sent to us providing it is published. If not published, the rights to the content are with the author.

8. Will expect the posts to have at least 1000 words.

Further requirements:

1. The guest post should include an author bio. Author bio can have maximum of 2 links to the following sites: to the author’s blog/website/Twitter handle.

2. Guest author should reply to any comments made in their post as soon as possible.

3. Any image attached to the article needs to be royalty-free image.

3. Be creative. Write about dentistry in a way no-one has written before. Forget being polite and politically correct if something is bugging you. Pour your heart out and type away. People will love the genuineness and honesty.

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