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Birthday Coming Up

Dental Revelations is approaching its 1 year mark in the blogging world. What a journey it has been! I never thought that blogging would bring so much work on top of your day job. But it’s been fun to say the least.

There are exciting times ahead as I have opened my blog for guest posting. So keep an eye on this space especially if you need a change from me preaching and being all righteous all the time…

About the Competition

The competition I released in December didn’t go quite as planned. My aim was to get more audience to my posts via Dental Revelations Blog’s Facebook page. People were supposed to like my Facebook page to enter the competition, but it did not happen (imagine sad face). This marketing stuff for the blog is tough!

There are so many posts with important and always current subjects, which I would like people to read. To mention couple of them:

Alcohol – the Feared Subject

Should You Use a Mouthwash

Cold Sore Is Herpes – Cancel Your Dental Appointment Because Your Dentist Won’t!

Have You Dropped Your Dentures in the Toilet (he-he, not so important post but I had to link something less serious as well)

So I am stuck with brand new Jordan Clean Fresh toothbrush (which is supposed to be very good one and the battery life is phenomenal). Don’t really feel like using it myself as I have my Philips Sonicare and the brand new Oral-b Genius 9000. I think they are enough for me for now…

Guess I’ll run another competition on Facebook.

Criticism Welcomed

From the very start of this blog I have said in the About page that

Nothing comes for free and I bet I will get hate mail… bring it on! The more we discuss, the more change will happen.

I have been waiting for critical commenting and it took a long time for the first one to come. It came to the post Can You Trust the Recommendations given to You by a Dental Professional. This post if any of my posts was the one I knew would attract criticism.

The criticism was given by an anonymous reader and I did have an option to not publish it but I decided to play by the rules I set in the beginning. We need to discuss for dentistry to change. What better way to discuss than debating?

I have noticed that negative commenting is rare in the world of blogging. The advisory posts for beginner bloggers are full of advices to give nice comments to other blogs (to receive the same back). What if you don’t find anything nice to say about somebody’s blog post? What if you think their content is full of factual errors or personal prejudices? Are you allowed to say it in the comment box? And even if you are, will it be published?

I can only speak for my own blog that I will carry on encouraging to comment my post even if it is criticism.

Time for Another Revelation about Me?

Well I think you have deserved it if you have read this far.

I am living the busiest time in my life currently. I am busy at work and I continue being busy at home. My husband travels a lot for work which slightly complicates things at home. But that’s how the work life is nowadays with many professions. It is global. Like this blog is.

But what makes me super busy now is that my book (if you have followed my blog since the beginning, you know I have written a book) is about to be published! It is in a stage of finalising the covers. It is all exiting and scary at the same time. What if it doesn’t sell? What if people hate it? Well, there is always a chance for that. But that chance I must take so that years of hard work won’t go down in the drain. Plus it is something I never dreamt I would achieve.

So I am smiling here my dear readers. Despite being schizophrenically busy all the time.

Ok, that’s all for now. Let me wish you once more Happy New Year! I hope it will bring happiness and prosperity to all of us.

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