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Like actual politicians do, I will revert a statement I made in my previous post about politics. I will write about politics once more (and probably will be again). Today I am going to write about the Brexit.

Thank You Londoners

My London is multicultural, tolerant and welcoming. When I laid my feet on its ground for the first time it immediately felt like home. It was something I had never felt anywhere in the world. Not even in my home town.

Nobody asked me what my qualifications were or what I had achieved. Nobody even asked me  what I do for a living. People I met for the first time were genuinely interested about me as a person – not about all the superficial and secondary details that in many places seem to define us as human beings.

I loved to meet people from around world. In my last workplace there were 9 different nationalities including the english colleagues. And it wasn’t a burden to anyone. It was anything but a burden. I can only speak for myself but I would not know as much as I do now about various cultures if I hadn’t met these people. I often tell stories about them when I teach the wonders of the world to my children.

When I was on the secondary upper school in my home country I remember London was described as a melting pot of all the nations. And that it truly was. People from different origins giving space for one another in the biggest metropolis in the Europe. Metropolis where unknown was a source for endless curiosity for people – not fear and prejudice.

That’s why I fell in love with London and thought up until the recent times that the rest of the UK was the same. Oh, how naive was I! In the light of the morning when the results of the Brexit vote were revealed, I felt ashamed of my connection to the UK and utterly disappointed. The few friendships I made with english people suddenly felt like they were established on false grounds. Were they smiling with me but frowning at my back?

Who knows what the future will bring for London when the UK leave Europeans behind? I guess nobody knows for certain. What I do know is that I am waiting it with a heavy heart and great sadness as I believe things will never be the same in the UK and London.

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  1. I read your take on the Brexit and how you now heavy heart and great sadness change is never easy (at least that what most say) however cheer up because it only going to get worse


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