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Before I will release the Part III of the series of posts I will tell you something about myself.

I have not written a lot about myself in this blog but this post will be an exception. And the reason for doing this is that you – my dear reader – would understand why I haven’t been and won’t be writing new posts as often as before.

Let me first tell you about the time when I decided to start writing this blog. This was in March this year. I had finished writing a novel in December last year which left a void in my life. More time in my hands. Thoughts that I wanted to put on paper (so to speak). Endless ideas for books.


I have a family. Small children who need my time. I have a spouse who needs my time. I couldn’t begin another massive project of writing a novel. So I decided to put all my creative energy on this blog. But little did I know how time-consuming it would be. All the researching, writing, editing and advertising. It consumes as much time as writing a novel.

But I am not a person who gives up something that I have started. I will see things through until the (bitter?) end. So I made time for blogging and it went well up until now. You see my littlest one is about to begin nursery and I am about to return to practice my dental profession. And to be honest I am not looking forward to it. If you have read my posts you might have a pretty good idea why I feel this way.

As if all those things I have written about in my blog weren’t enough to make me wish I didn’t have to go back to my profession. On top of all those things I also work in a dental practice that have been dysfunctional for decades and even though people have come (including me) and gone it has made a very little difference to the atmosphere. But as a thoughtful and problem solving person that I am I have started to see this fast approaching and unwelcome life change as an opportunity. You see I won’t be out of post topics whilst working in there. Nope, it will be a horn of plenty!

So bear with me whilst I go through this hectic time in my life. Keep reading, sharing and commenting my posts. I have reached readers in every continent which I believe proves that people in dentistry go through the same problems all over the world. Let’s keep on changing the problems by discussing about them.

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  1. I can’t believe I’m going back! I was kinda hoping that somehow things would turn out otherwise. But one’s got to make a living.. I keep on picking the wrong lottery numbers!! And yes, the same office as before at least for the time being.


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